Artwork from Interzone 267 by Martin Hanford


Artwork from Interzone 267 by Martin Hanford
We are pleased to be able to confirm that David Cleden’s short story, Rock, Paper, Incisors will be included in the next issue of Interzone (no. 267) with gorgeous artwork by Martin Hanford (see above). If you’re not already a subscriber to Britain’s best and longest running science fiction magazine, you can find out more here.

Tutto Inizia Da O CoverAlso gorgeous is Tutto Inizia Da O (It All Starts With O is my, possibly wildly inaccurate, attempt at a translation), this year’s anthology of competition winners from the twenty-second Trofeo RiLL – an Italian short story competition. As has become tradition, this anthology also features the winning stories from sister competitions around the world, including the James White Award winner (and Ireland’s Aeon Award; South Africa’s Nova Short Story Competition; Spain’s Visiones Award; and  the Australian Horror Writer’s Association Short Story Competition). So, we’re equally pleased to be able to announce that David Cleden’s story is in this collection as Carta, Sassi, Incisivi, translated by Emiliano Marchetti. You can find out more about this anthology and buy copies of It All Starts With 0 (and previous editions) for just €8.00 by clicking here.

Congratulations to David – and we hope you’ll check out his story in either English or Italian, or both.

Meanwhile, entries for this year’s competition are already arriving at a healthy rate, so we’re looking forward to another exciting year for the James White Award.

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