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The shortlist for this year’s James White Award has been finalised and can now be announced.

The shortlisted stories are:

  •  Academic by Jonathan Bloxsom
  • All the Distances by Dan Campbell
  • Automatic Diamanté by Philip Suggars
  • Every Useless Parameter by Darren Goossens
  • You First Meet the Devil At A Church Fete by Shannon Fay
  • The Well-Deceived by JS Richardson

The winner of the competition (who will received £300 and have their story published in Interzone) and the runner-up (who will, this year, receive £100) will be announced at EightSquaredCon, the 2013 Eastercon, in Bradford at 7:00pm on Sunday, 31 March as part of the BSFA Award Ceremony. The winner will be announced here shortly after the award ceremony concludes.

The Organisers would like to thank the judges, Aliette de Bodard, Ian McDonald and the Interzone editors Andy Cox and Andrew Hedgecock for their time and consideration and TTA Press, publishers of Interzone and Black Static, and the British Science Fiction Association for their continued support of the competition. We would also like to thank Colum Paget whose generosity allowed the JWA to increase this year’s award fund.

This year’s competition received 201 entries from writers from all over the world. Entries are read anonymously. The final shortlist consists of two women and four men. Amongst the final six are three UK-based writers, one Australian, one American and one Canadian.

Below you can read the opening passages from each of the shortlisted stories.



The James White Award is pleased to announce the titles of the stories that have made it through the first two stages of the judging process and onto the longlist for this year’s competition. We received 201 stories this year, so the 18 stories listed below have already achieved significant success in making it this far.

The longlisted stories are:

All the Distances
Angels Stick Their Fingers in Electrical Sockets
Automatic Diamante
Callista’s Delight
Do Not Pass GO
Every Useless Parameter
Four Mile River Road: 1 Mile
Leipzig in Winter
Literature Review
The Girl Who Called the World
The Hunter Captain
The Jigsaw Floor
The Smile of the Monster
The Story Thief
The Well Deceived
You First Meet the Devil At A Church Fete

Authors of other stories entered in this year’s competition should consider their work released for submission to other markets. Thank you for taking part, and good luck with your writing.

There are no authors names attached to the stories at present. That’s because our anonymous judging process is still underway.

The James White Award will announce the final shortlist for this year’s competition in a few weeks.