2019 longlisted stories

We are pleased to announce the long listed stories for this year’s competition. As is customary for the James White Award we present the list without author names – judging is still going on and we want to preserve anonymity as part of the selection process.

Bug on Bug
A White Flag for Phobos
Better Lost Than Loved
Daedalus Never Fell
Digital Nomads
Fish Eye
Geo Sink
How Sweet the Sound
The NEU Oblivion
Property Crime
That Lonesome, Restless Feeling
The Deeping
The End of Summer
The Inspection
The Last Words of Harry Niffen
The Search for Atlantis The Sun Line

If your story is not listed here, you should consider it released from the competition and free to be submitted to other markets.

We received 355 submissions this year – a very high number – and the 22 stories that have made it through to this phase of judging have already overcome significant opposition. We hope to announce the final shortlist within three weeks.

Thank you to all the writers who have taken part in the competition and commiserations to those who are not progressing further. And thank you to the readers who helped us produce the long list. The competition would not exist without all of you.

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3 Responses to 2019 longlisted stories

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  2. Mukesh says:

    Total number of long list is 21 while it is mentioned 22 are long listed

  3. Administrator says:

    Hi Mukesh, good spot. One story had to be removed at the last moment but I forgot to edit the post.

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