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We are pleased to be able to announce the final shortlist for this year’s James White Award. The six stories, selected from over 300 entrants, are:

A Sip of Pombe
Gustavo Bondoni

Matthew Eeles

Ms. Höffern Stays Abreast of the News
Sarah Pauling

My Fault
Sarah Palmer

The Big I Am
E.M Faulds

Two Worlds Apart
Dustin Blair Steinacker

The winner will be announced on Thursday, 2 August at 17:00 BST.

Competition administrator Martin McGrath said: “As always, we’re are grateful to those who read all the submissions and helped us get to the stage of preparing the shortlist and to the BSFA and Interzone for their support. We’d also like to thank everyone who submitted a story – the competition continues to attract a high degree of interest and that is very gratifying. The process of whittling the entrants down to the final list was not easy and all those who have reached this stage have overcome some very strong opposition. Our judges, RJ Barker, Anne Charnock and Una McCormack will now consider the shortlist and the winner will be announced soon.”

Thank you to all the entrants for their patience waiting for the results of the judging. All submitted stories not on the final shortlist should be considered free to be submitted elsewhere.


We are pleased to announce the longlisted stories for this year’s James White Award.

The competition received 312 valid entries this year, so the 29 stories that have made it through to the second stage of judging have already overcome significant opposition.

As is the usual practice with the James White Award, our stories are judged anonymously so, at this stage, we are not in a position to attach authors’ names to the stories listed here. The longlisted stories are:

  • A Long Way From Home
  • A Sip of Pombé
  • Amalus and the Automatons
  • Androids for the Elderly
  • Blood, Bone, Feather
  • By the Boiler’s Hand
  • Deliver Us
  • Dimensions
  • For the Love of AI
  • Ghost in the War Machine
  • Halfway Human
  • How Grady Lost Andraya
  • Imago
  • In Communion with the Invisible Flock
  • Inheritance
  • Insert
  • Ms Hofferen Stays Abreast of the News
  • My Fault
  • New Instruments
  • Sky Burial
  • Suburban Twilight
  • The Big I AM
  • The Gift That Keeps on Taking
  • The Human Condition
  • The Malfunctioning Heart
  • The Snowstorm
  • Transaction
  • Two Worlds Apart
  • Waiting for the Winter

The stories listed here remain under consideration. All other stories should be considered released and free to be submitted elsewhere.

We will announce the judges for the final stage of the competition over the coming weeks and expect to reveal the final shortlist in two or three weeks, with the winner being announced before the end of July.

Please note: we cannot offer feedback on stories that have been submitted and will not enter into discussion about the decision process with entrants.